Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pips Geek Forex EA Review

You can continue to do research and find web  sites that actually used the Pips Geek softwareon their own accounts. But honestly, it won’t do you any good.
Here is why:
1. If somebody used the software and made huge profits, that person will most likely keep their mouth shut. Writing review is a profession that pays very bad. So, don’t expect an honest review from a poor writer.
2. Let’s say somebody tested the software and it did not perform. Do you expect that they openly admit how stupid they were and then publish everything with their name in return for a few dollars that they get for the review?
So, either way, you won’t find any review of Pips Geek that will help you much.

Here is a way to get 100% reliable results with Pips Geek, 100% risk free.

There is a solution: Just go ahead and buy the software and then use it. You are not stupid. You will see pretty fast, whether Pips Geek makes you any money or not.
If it makes money you have basically a bonus for Pips Geek: You can keep the software and now you and only you know it works. Keep the software, keep your mouth shut and happily see your money double and triple fast. And in case they thing does not work, just ask for a refund and you are all set.
That is the only way how you will know. But you can wait a couple month and then read stories in the newspaper how people got rich using Pips Geek. But then it will be too late, as the market will be crowded and as you know, every forex robot works for a while and after a certain time the results get slim.
There is a company that offers free practice accounts. They also offer “playing money”. If you deposit just $50, they’ll give you $1,000 real money to play with. That should be enough to get Pips Geek started and make some money. $1,000 is not a lot, but if you let Pips Geek run for some time, it should make at least the money back that you paid for and the $50 that you deposited. After that you are completely in the black and you know it’s working. You can then add some money to your account to get larger gains, or let Pips Geek just work it up to where you want it to be.
When you purchase your copy of the Pips Geek software it comes with a money back guarantee, so you have time to put what I’m telling you to the test.
If it doesn’t work, simply return it and get your money back, no harm done.
So, to recap, here is what you do:
1. Get your hands on Pips Geek here.
2. Download eToro trading platform and install Pips Geek
3. Either deposit $50 and get $1,000 real money bonus and test Pips Geek with real money, of which only $50 was yours or, if you are too shaky, just let Pips Geek play with the practice account from etoro.
There is no risk. You can only win either way.

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